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      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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Teaching art has been an important part of the artist's life in the last thirty years. From an ordinary physical education teacher of St. Peter's Secondary School (from 1968-79), with the support of St. Peter's Secondary School, Sino-British Fellowship Trust, Education Department of Hong Kong and the British Council in 1972 and 1977, he had two further teachers training in Hong Kong and then in London as an art teaching specialist. He later joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1979 as a lecturer and then Senior Lecturer.  After coming back from Sydney, he then joined the Macao Polytechnic in 1992 and continued his role as a school administrator plus occasional teaching in drawing and graphic design. Currently, he is the administrator for the Adult Education Department of the Caritas of Macau and the Director of its Community Hall in Macau. He is also a part-time instructor of ceramics in Kam Bik Community Centre and the Visiting Professor in Macau Millennium College.

International Involvement 1998


Co-ordinated a special educational tour to Sydney Institute of Technology during summer 1998.

Above: Taken at the Graduation Ceremony of the Hong Kong Children Study Tour in Sydney Institute of Technology, July, 1998. On his right is Dr. Joe Chow, the Co-organizer of the tour.  Right: The signing of MOU between SIT and Designerslink in 1998.

The most recent involvement


Joined Caritas-Macau to provide part-time education to the community in Adult/Youth services since July, 2003.


         Introducing courses organized by School of Extra-mural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to Macau students, 2005. Aser But spoke on the dropout rates of high school students on 24.2.2005.


Planned and implemented the high school section and teaching of ceramics in Tong Nam School 2001-2003

           ed clay kids.jpg (60954 bytes)    Mr. Edmond Ho, inspecting Tong Nam School on the opening of its secondary section. Middle: Primary section pupils learning how to make clayworks. Right: Staff of the school. Clipping: Aser But spoke on the special curriculum of art as a strong  part of the extra-curricular study.


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Taught and then the Director of Higher School of Arts, Macao Polytechnic 1992-2000

        ed AB speaking in Summer School.jpg (53277 bytes)     

        Aser But joined the Macau Polytechnic by early 90's, and assisted in setting up its Design Department. He also built up the Summer Art School of the Polytechnic. People in the middle photo: delegation to Fashion Competition in Dalin, China. People in photo on the right: Mr. Wucius Wong from Hong Kong  and Prof. Apex  Lam from Taiwan. Last photo: (from left): Mr. Freeman Lau, Mrs. Kan, Mr. Kan Tai Keung, Ms. Mak Ching Gho, from the first batch of graduates, taken at the First Graduation Show of the Macao Polytechnic Design Course.


Taught and then Senior Lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic 1979-1992

        ed AB at Poly.jpg (54216 bytes)    ed AB with Queen.jpg (50468 bytes)  


Aser But joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic first as a part-time evening school lecturer and then became a full-time lecturer in 1979. Later became the Senior Lecturer-in-charge of all part-time studies of design. He left and immigrated to Sydney in 1992. Photos are his career in the Polytechnic at different stages. The last one was taken at the farewell party with a cake specially designed in the form of a tree trunk and a souvenir marking his twelve years' service in the Polytechnic.


Teacher of St. Peter's Secondary School (1968-79)


Teaching in St. Peter's Secondary School is Aser But's first teaching job which enabled him to explore his enthusiasm in teaching as a Physical Education teacher for eleven years and as an art teacher, then the Art Master before he departed in 1979. He was proud of St. Peter's boys in gaining the champion of the Stall Decoration Competition at Caritas Bazaar for seven consecutive years in the 70's.

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