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      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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This page is arranged in anti-chronological order with shows featuring the artist's important works. The list is highly selective from more than a hundred shows in the past thirty-one years.


               The most recent One-man Show



2006: The FIRST Teachers' show of Ceramics in Macau opened on 27th February, 2006 at Galeria Zizhan, Centre for Educational Resources, Macau Education Department:



    (above) Prof. Larry Chou, Miss Ho Lai Chuen, President of Macau Cultural Institute, Mr. So Chiu Fai, Director of Education and Youth Department, and Chan Kam-shing, artist. (Middle) Aser But with Mr. So and Miss Ho. (Below) Aser But's newest clay work based on the pattern of pebble street around the area of Ma Kok Temple, Macau.

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clippings (above from Shemin Daily, Macau Daily, Vakio Daily, 27.2.2006, 28.3 and 3.3.2006)


2006: Opening of the Contemporary Clayworks by Hong Kong and Macau Artists on 20.1.2006 at Tap Saac Gallery, Macau


Top: The most recent works: Enriching(left) and 3 days(right).  Middle: Aser But and Mr. Chan Ieng Hin, the Sub-director of Macau Museum and the organizer of this clay show. The other guests are Mr. Cesar Nunez, art historian  and Miss Rosanna Li, another ceramic artist from Hong Kong.



2005:Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 32nd Annual Exhibition on 1.12.2005 at Hui Gallery, Chinese University of Hong Kong



2005:Participating in World Heritage Macau Photography Show, its organization and opening on 5.11.2005

                Shermin Daily 6.11.2005   




2005: 31st exhibition of Hong Kong Visual Arts Society on 17th December 2004- 30th January, 2005, at Art Gallery and Museum, the University of Hong Kong.

             7-day love series, earthenware, 2004.

 VAS 31st show members. Photo taken by H.K.U. Museum staff.


2004: First exhibition of Macau Modern Ceramists Association at Portuguese Bookshop Galleries on 8th March - 18th March, 2004.

Above: The invitation card, newspaper clippings in Macau on 9th March, 2004. Right: a view of the exhibition.

Below: The guests of honour at the opening ceremony.


2004:VAS Energetic 30 Exhibition: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society

At the Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Galleries, a programme of the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2003 (9/1/2004-24/1/2004)-


(Top, left) Invitation Card to the show. (Top, right) Artist in front of main banner. Photo taken by Margaret But. (Above) Acrylics on canvas, 2003. Photos taken by Clement Ngan.

2003:Paintings and Inner Journeys-Seven Contemporary Artists:

An exhibition in Macau presented by the Macau Ricci Institute at Gallery of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macau 28/11/2003-7/12/2003-


(Top) In Plain Cloth, acrylics and coloured  pencils on canvas. (Above, left): The curator of the show, Dr. Cesar Nunez with Margaret and Aser But. (Above, right): Aser explaining his own journey into the art.


2003:the artist's first ceramic show in Hong Kong-

At Artland Gallery, Hong Kong (29.7.2003-7.8.2003)

Opening Ceremony at Artland Gallery 2003.

Guests of honour: (from left) Mr. Wucius Wong, Mr. Chan Bing Tim, Prof. Fok Kai Cheong, and Dr. Ambrose So

   photo taken before ceremony.

 artland show black family.jpg (28451 bytes) artland show buds.jpg (32330 bytes)  artland show in plain clothes.jpg (29252 bytes) 

Works on display. For titles, please refer to Gito Workshop.

artland show literary.jpg (40582 bytes)   artland show Wucius students.jpg (42557 bytes)   artland show chu family.jpg (42790 bytes)

(from left) Classmates of Literary College 1966, Friends of design circle, and Chu and But family members


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The first extension exhibition at CO1 School of Visual Arts, Hong Kong (5.9.2003-22.9.2003)

  CO1 AB with drawings.jpg (82445 bytes)  CO1 AB with principal.jpg (46515 bytes) CO1 Works.jpg (42085 bytes)     

(Top, large photo) Aser in the School Gallery    (Right) Aser explaining his drawings

(Top, left, small photo) Aser and Mr. Lam Chik Yin, Principal

(Top, right, small photo) Works on display


More works can be viewed in section Gito Workshop.

The second extension exhibition at Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong(29.9.2003-)




For this show, Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College with support of the Principal and the ceramic department of the school, a seminar was held in the school hall with participation of six other schools.


2002:The first Macau Digital Photography Association members' show in Macau Millennium Gallery-

The honorable guest Mr. Henry Ma, Chief of Leisure and Culture Department, Macau's Civic and Municipal Bureau with Aser But in front of his digital photography.


1986: the artist's first one-man show in Macau in Leal Senado Gallery-



Second one-man show, first one in Macau organized by Leal Senado de Macau and Museu Luis de Camoes. (Top, left) Artist 1986 (Top, right) Main Panel (left) Ode, a series of drawings in coloured pencils and charcoal ( rear) Heavenly Banyan, a series of large drawings in acrylics and charcoal, 4 x 6 feet. (Below) Family, charcoal on paper, 4 x 6 feet.


1986: group show in Tate and Zhou Gallery in Hong Kong-


Works in photos are mixed media drawings (charcoal pencils, acrylics and pencils). The work at the left is in Hong Kong Museum of Art collection. 


1975: The artist's first Hong Kong Biennial Show in Hong Kong Museum of Art-

This very rare photo is in b/w. Pictures on display: (Left) Bonescape, mixed media. Hong Kong Museum of Art collection. (Right) Ode, Ink on rice paper. Margaret and Aser But in front of Chan Fai Ming's lithography. Taken in City Hall Art Gallery, c. 1975


1975: in the second First Choice Exhibition mounted by Mr. Nigel Cameron-


In the photo: Mr. Cheung Yee (second from right) and Mr. Lui Shou Kwan (right) and Margaret But (left) in front of the artist's watercolour and ink paintings.

(right): Catalogue cover of Critic's Choice, An exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art designed and mounted by Nigel Cameron.


1973: The artist's first memorable group show-

The Art Mart of 1973 summer to mark the last Hong Kong Festival outside the corridor of Hong Kong City Hall, Central, Hong Kong. It is this occasion where Visual Art Society was conceived.

This very rare photo is in b/w.


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