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                                      Aser But (Bi Zirong)- A painter in Hong Kong art history.  net version 5, 18.12.2014

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      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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*Aser But also known as Bi Zirong (see website of Hong Kong Museum of Art- www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/Arts)


                                                             Above left: An article on the artist in PhotoGraphicArt, 1980s in Hong Kong

                               Above right: Artist in Cairns Museum, 2001, taken by Margaret But

                                         中文履歷 Curriculum Vitae in Chinese (regular version)

                                         The Art of Aser But (in pdf. file)


                  Margaret's    Benny's     Ollie's   Ours




                                      Visiting China in 1997-1997.

Education of Aser But/Bi Zirong

Aser was born in Macau in 1949. He graduated as a teacher from Northcote College of Education and then as an art specialist teacher from Grantham College of Education in Hong Kong in 1968 and 1973 respectively. He obtained the Sino-British Fellowship scholarship and completed his post-graduate Diploma in Art Education in the London University in 1980 and by 1983 obtained a Master Degree in Education with visual art focus from the Bank Street College of Education in New York.


(Top left) Aser But and his childhood friend, Miss Margaret Wong in the early sixties, now Mrs. Margaret Chan in Canada. One of the oldest photos of Aser But, Courtesy of Margaret Chan 2005.

(Top middle) Aser But when young in the Graduates' Souvenir of Literary College, 1966.

(Top Right) Aser But standing next to someone's motor-bike.

(Below Left) Aser with his sports student of  St. Peter's Secondary School, 1969.

(Below Middle) Aser attending figure drawing class in Grantham College, 1972.

(Below second from right) Aser But in John Adam's Hall, London University, 1976.

(Below Right) Aser and mentor, Mr. Wucius Wong in Guangzhou's exhibition of Hong Kong Art.



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Teaching record

He taught in St. Peter's Secondary School, Aberdeen in Hong Kong, for eleven years before becoming a lecturer and then a senior lecturer in the Swire School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic before 1992.

He emigrated to Sydney with his family and later joined Macao Polytechnic and became a courses coordinator, a sub-director and then the director of its Higher School of Arts until 2000.

He assisted in founding the secondary section of Tong Nam School, a school in Macau with strong emphasis on art education. In 2003 he joined Caritas-Macau as its director of the new Community Hall and the head of the Continuing Education Division. He was also elected as a member of the People's Consultative Council of Huadu District, Guangzhou, China since 2003.


Artistic Development

In his spare time, he now practising as ceramist, painter, designer and art instructor. He has widely exhibited locally and abroad over a hundred times since 1973.



(Above Left) The very first group exhibition in Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong  in 1974.

(Above Right) An Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists, 1977 at Hong Kong Arts Centre.

(Below) Lion Art magazines contained articles by Wucius Wong and Luis Chan who mentioned the art of Aser But in the 70s.

Other features are in Full Graphic Magazine ( also featuring his work and teaching);  Asian Art News featuring his drawing.



           Aser judging children's art in 1973.

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Award and community work

Awards include the Sino-British Fellowship Trust (1976), Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award (1979), Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award (1988), Bronze Award, Hong Kong Design Biennial (1990), Postal stamp design for the Macao Post Office, winning the Cultural Award in Italy and the outstanding Continental Stamp in France (2000). Works have been included in public and private collections in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore. He is an art advisor to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong SAR government; founding member of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society; and the Executive Officer of the Modern Ceramists Association of Macau.

(Below, top row) Selected important catalogues featuring two of his awards: Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award(1979) and the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Persons Award (1988)

(Below, second row) Photos taken at various community contests as judges.









1979年加入香港理工學院為設計系講師,其後出任兼讀課程主任。1980年在職飛往美國紐約Bank Street 教育學院,以及Parsons 設計學院,進修美術教育行政暨管理碩士,83年畢業。88年始,出任香港理工學院設計系高級講師。

1992年移居悉尼。其後回澳門出任文化司旗下之視覺藝術學院設計系策劃人,後該院轉為澳門理工學院藝術高等學校,出任 首屆華人副校長及校長,期間獲教授銜,服務至2000年底。其後協助東南學校籌辦中學部,致力推廣藝術及陶藝教育,該校為澳門首間設立20部電動拉坯機之陶藝專室的中學

2003年7月服務澳門明愛 ,籌建社區會堂,以及為青少年及成人籌辦課程,亦為中西創新學院客席教授公餘為美術及設計創作人,課程顧問等。主要媒介為素描、繪畫、陶藝、展覽設計、書刊設計、郵票設計等,過往港澳及海外展覽逾百次。 






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 (Below, top)  Artist in front of his work in the Museum of History of Zuongzhou in China c. 1981

(Below, second row) Artist in the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1980s.



The whole Family :

           If interested to know more about each member of the artist's  family, please go to individual pages listed on the        top of this page.

                Aser & Mar at HK Festival.jpg (27750 bytes) 1973 during the last Hong Kong Festival Art Mart. An ancient picture.

                with Mag and Benny.jpg (35883 bytes)  1980 in Hong Kong Museum of Art. In photo: Benny

         .      Aser's family with 2 sons.jpg (35464 bytes) 29.7. 1998 in Sydney. In photo: Benny (behind) and Ollie (in the front)

Margaret and Aser married on 29th July, 1973 and still enjoying a very harmonious marriage for over 30 years.  2 sons, Benny and Ollie. . 

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