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                                      Aser But (Bi Zirong)- A painter in Hong Kong art history.  net version 5, 18.12.2014

  With new archives back to 1975


      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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 Aser working with charcoal and airbrush, 1986.

Important works:


Mixed-media paintings


            Beijing Painting for email.jpg (256483 bytes)  (work 1)   

            The Tale of Two Cities, acrylics and other mediums on canvas , commissioned work, 2000

            painting 80-1.jpg (36867 bytes) (work 2)

            The Bark, acrylics and mediums on canvas, 2.5 x 4 feet, private collection

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Acrylic painting on canvas

black bark.jpg (29296 bytes) (work 3)

             Black bark, acrylics and mediums on canvas, 1993.

            black bark+ colour pencil1.jpg (31832 bytes) (work 4)

            Black bark 2, acrylics, mediums and coloured pencils on canvas, 2003

(work 5)

(work 6)


         (work 7 & work 8)


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Acrylic painting on paper

(work 9)




Chinese ink painting on rice paper, acrylics and Chinese ink, executed between 1980-1990

            ink painting 80-1.jpg (42150 bytes) (work 10)

            ink painting-1.jpg (29597 bytes) (work 11) Hong Kong Museum of Art collection

            ink painting 89-1.jpg (35204 bytes) (work 12)



Description Size Price
Work 1 5 meters  sold
Work 3 3x3 feet HK$20,000
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