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                                      Aser But (Bi Zirong)- A painter in Hong Kong art history.  net version 5, 18.12.2014

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      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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Hong Kong courses in both drawing and illustrations were conducted frequently in the 70s-90s. The following is a brief account of teaching work Aser But had executed in Hong Kong.

Drawing classes: The previous classes were focused on drawing techniques(and also in acrylic painting) presented by Xinhua BookCity, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Skills covered were graphite, coloured pencils, and acrylics.

More information in drawing is contained on page entitled Macau courses.


History: Aser But presenting certificates to students who completed 2nd cycle at Xinhua BookCity on 4.3.2006.


Aser But began teaching the 3rd cycle exercise on 4.3.2006.

Group photo with Indian and local Chinese students.


Acrylics: materials (you can buy selected colours from Artland Co., Wanchai. 301. Lockart Road, 3/f. Get a 10% discount when you say you are Mr. But's student at counter.)


 Materials photos provided by Artland Co.




Outdoor sketching in Hong Kong Park on 10.12.2005 -


   Click on image to enlarge.

The above are graphite outdoor sketches by Aser But on 10.12.2005.

More pictures can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


With the group on 22.10.2005 at Xh drawing 2nd cycle



With the group and the best performers 8.10.2005 at Xh drawing class last session



           (Aser and best performers: from left-Carmen Tsui, Ho Mui Ting, Hung Mun Si, Suen Chi Kin)


Leading the first class of drawing at Xinhua BookCity, 16.7.2005




                     (taken at Gallery of Xinhua BookCity, 16.7.2005)


Coloured pencil demo by Cheng Ming:


Graphite pencil with coloured pencils (book jacket illustrations by Aser But):



Coloured Pencil demo at Xh BookCity on 5.11.2005

       apple in watercolour and pencil, 2004

 Also see: Mixed Media and Drawing.


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