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                                      Aser But (Bi Zirong)- A painter in Hong Kong art history.  net version 5, 18.12.2014

  With new archives back to 1975


      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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Drawing is the 'verb' of my visual language. By Aser But




  Above, right: Aser But was featured in the book 1970-1980 Hong Kong Art,  in conjunction with an exhibition of same title in Hong   Kong Museum of Art 31.7.81-18.10.81, published by Hong Kong Art Museum.



  Above,  right: An article by Kamping Hiller in Sing Tao Yat Pao, 2.8.1990.  Above, second from right: Hong Kong City magazine.

  Above, right: Taken in front of his early work, First Choice Exhibition, 1976.


  Leading Hongkong Artists make Plea for More Support.   

Above, left: A Special Report by Gerry O'Kane in South China Morning Post, Nov. 15, 1991. Above, right: Ink Paintings by Hong Kong Artists, published by Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1988

Visual Education           

          Left: An article by Michael Mealyer in Sunday Plus of Hong Kong Standard Post, Aug. 17, 1986.

          Right: An article by Wai Lun, Wealth Magazine, 1989.


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The Leal Senado Solo Show in Macau in 1986 is the most important and first retrospective exhibition of drawings and paintings by the artist:

     leal senado show 1.jpg (25713 bytes)    leal senado interior 2.jpg (29136 bytes)    leal senado show interior1.jpg (29803 bytes)       
Above:  3 photos taken at Leal Senado Gallery 1986. Above right: Aser But, Works on Paper, published by the Museu de Camoes, Macau.


The Leal Senado Solo Show in Macau in 1986 is one of the most significant exhibitions of the artist. It contained 3 periods of work namely the pro-student period of mixed media drawings, the artist's early period of bi-coloured drawings of banyan trees and the third period of his large drawings and paintings right after visiting Yellow Mountains for fourteen days in China in 1980's. This show was a milestone of his career as an artist. Also see section Shows.


Painting Performance with other artists in Charity Night organized by the Hong Kong Outstanding Young Persons Association(TOYPA), 2002.

(below) Aser and Leung Kui Ting painting on stage, the artist elaborated his idea to the audience when finished. (Below, right) The artist with other TOYPA's members.





A major area working mainly with acrylics and charcoal. The largest painting produced is in Beijing, China, commissioned in 2001-2002.




Composing the biggest area of charcoal, coloured pencils and mixed media with water-colours and acrylics since 1973.



Ceramics & (GITO Workshop)

The most recent (since 2002) period of earthenware and stoneware created with white, black and ordinary clay from China, and England. Glazes used are from Australia, U.S.A. and China. One-man show entitled 'Family, Spring and Autumn' in Hong Kong on 29th July - 7th August 2003. 


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