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                                      Aser But (Bi Zirong)- A painter in Hong Kong art history.  net version 5, 18.12.2014

  With new archives back to 1975


      Welcome to the official website of Aser But, a practising artist from Hong Kong and Macau .


Lifelong dedication to the art of drawing, painting and ceramic.






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Gito Kiln, following the footstep of Aser But, is under relocation back to Hong Kong from Macau since May, 2013 after its 10 years' operation in Macau. It is now under reconstruction in Hong Kong, and Aser But will be conducting 'Garage Sale' in Macau by July, 2013 with Open House Sessions. More news will be published in due course.

History as a clayworker:


Above: During the Royal visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1986 by Queen Elizabeth II, Aser But was explaining the activity in the Ceramic Workshop. Right: Aser But teaching ceramics in Macau.

Ceramic Shows by Aser But


Aser But's one-man Show in Hong Kong (please see Shows)

         Invitation card online


31st exhibition of Hong Kong Visual Arts Society on 17th December 2004- 30th January, 2005, at Art Gallery and Museum, the University of Hong Kong.



bullet  Clayworks by Aser But, 2002-

        The shoot F and M, clay, stoneware. 

           ceramics-shoot-open.jpg (30523 bytes)  The Shoot opened.

        Ceramic-white family.jpg (10610 bytes) The White Family, a series of 5 pots with decorations, white clay, earthenware.

        Ceramics-black top1.jpg (23122 bytes) The Black Top, black and white clay, earthenware.

        ceramic-like painting white.jpg (14769 bytes) Like Painting White, white clay, earthenware

        ceramics-fruits.jpg (20741 bytes) The fruits, white clay, earthenware

        ceeramics-white fruit F.jpg (21687 bytes) The Black Top, black and white clay, earthenware.

        ceramics-black family.jpg (24433 bytes) The Black family, black clay, earthenware

        ceramics-black-chris-whole.jpg (21956 bytes) The Black Daddy, black clay, earthenware

        Ceramics-breakfast.jpg (18064 bytes) My Breakfast, black and white clay, earthenware

        ceramics-xp-tall.jpg (25021 bytes) The Black Top 2, black and white clay, earthenware


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bulletRelated sketches

        sketch 1.jpg (61164 bytes)  sketch 2.jpg (51573 bytes)  sketch 3.jpg (35467 bytes)

        Sketches in either ballpoint pens, markers, or pencils.


bulletForeword of the One-man Exhibition in Artland Gallery

The Show entitled Family, Spring and Autumn scheduled between 29th July and 7th August, 2003. It then travelled to CO1 School of Visual Arts, and Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College in Hong Kong. The foreword is:












Clay is always a favourite form of artistic work collected or created by the artist since 1973 after his graduation from the Grantham College of Education in Hong Kong. Since then, the artist has experience in administering  the ceramic workshop at the Hong Kong Polytechnic in the 1980s with the help of a technician and his supervisor. He, as his most favourite pastime, has started to make claywork and also started to collect clay pieces by other artists worldwide. Throughout these years, he has collected more than 20 masterpieces from different parts of the world. With the support of ceramic artists in Hong Kong and Macau in late 2003, a small workshop, Gito Kiln and Workshop, was set up to help students and friends pursuit their interest in clay and to purchase equipment and materials at a more affordable price.



Gito Kiln & Workshop in Macau,  Proudly designed in Macau


 (知陶窯及設計室) Closed by 4.2013.

History: Gito Kiln and Workshop was established in Taipa, Macau since September, 2003 with an aim to build a platform in order to share the hand-building and throwing experiences with other artists and students in Macau.

GITO (to know) has a philosophy of teaching young people to learn and practise artistic skills in a friendly and direct manner. Difficulties are reduced to a minimum level, but enhancing students' interest to their best.



2 handbuilt bowls by Sunday student, 2005


Two new designs by May Mac, a Sunday mature student in Macau

Click on image to enlarge.

Two designs by May Mac 麥碧媚, student on Sunday Workshop in Macau, 2005, earthenware. 

Previous workshops conducted in Macau (on handbuilding and throwing techniques) 


Special course information (planned since 10/2005 but always under review.  Copyright: Aser But. Welcome teachers to use as teaching plans.)

Level One /Two--初階/中階

Handbuilding手技巧 1 Theme題材 Examples            例子、圖片 Focus教學重點 Colour色彩 clay泥種 Temp.溫度

觀察基本形、形體,燒成顏色 自然色、對比色 1048oC/中



小璧畫 Tong nam clay mural.jpg (63641 bytes) 觀察基本形、形體,燒成顏色 對比色 1048oC/中
點心盆   手,麵包型 人工色彩,甜美 866-1048oC
筆插筒   泥條,高身柱狀 鐵銹 1204oC/高
我的睡房/辦公室   泥板,板塊形、傢俬樓梯形,sample board 白+最多三色 1048oC/中
Handbuilding手技巧 2            
貝殼   spiral旋轉型 米白、淺啡 三色泥 1048oC/中
魚/珊瑚   色彩、點、線、面 多元化,以濃淡為主 三色或多元 1048oC
生果型   創作 七色排列 1204oC+其他
Casting倒模技巧 1            
不同形的杯   油釉技巧、刻括、wax-resist 圖案需要 1048oC
2邊對稱(樽、生果)   同步對比 低溫紅 白泥或黃泥 866-1048oC

press moulding印模,深淺色特點 埃及藍/其他顏色(2-3色) 白泥或黃泥 1048oC

            Level Three /Four--進階/高階

Thowing1拉坯技巧 1 Theme題材 Examples            例子、圖片 Focus教學重點 Colour色彩 clay泥種 Temp.溫度
小杯,小碗  pot 3.jpg (41564 bytes) 高度5吋、杯口形,高台 白色 1048oC/
小桶  pot 2.jpg (39726 bytes) 厚度均一,6吋 啡/灰釉 1048oC/中
窄口杯/牛奶杯   細口 綠/中國色 1204oC/高
食麵碗 造型   1204oC/高
Thowing2拉坯技巧 2            
茶壺+杯+碟   多部份拼貼 對比 1204oC/高
三部份(身、頸、口)   同上 近似 1204oC/高
高身   拉高及拼合 統一 1204oC/高
拉坯後拍型(球型)   濕度要掌握妥當 自然色 1204oC/高
綜合、混合形  pot 1.jpg (36618 bytes) 搞對比 圖案形 1048oC/中


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